Netflix’s ‘Captive’ is like ‘Making a Kidnapper’ — stylish, powerful & terrifying – Screener TV


Series Produced by Doug Liman
Executive Producers: Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn
(Netflix/Lightbox/Hypnotic, 2016)

​An 8-part series diving headfirst into some of the most intense and complex hostage crises of our time.
CAPTIVE retells the stories of kidnapping negotiations like never before.

Press Reviews

“…it’s all underscored with the kind of “feel this now” compositions you’d more usually find in a quality drama.” – The Guardian

“Captive stands apart as a series that explores eight individual cases, and which has benefited from The Bourne Identity director, Doug Liman, giving it the edge of a psychological thriller.” – Radiotimes

​”‘Captive’ Will Be Netflix’s Next True-Crime Docu-Series” – Stylecaster